Baby Development Clinic at A Mother’s Touch

I am very happy to report that the monthly Physiobaby clinics at A Mother’s Touch have been very successful. They are conveniently located on Lyndhurst Terrace, Central. They will continue on Tuesday mornings. Since these are only offered once a month, I am still doing Developmental Assessments at Tiny Footprints, on other dates. See other post.

We are aware that parents do get concerned that their babies are reaching their developmental milestones, and it is important they are checked for this and we can reassure the parents.  Physio checks are also available privately, but you may find the clinics at A Mother’s Touch more convenient and indeed are cheaper.  Many countries, such as in the UK, provide these checks as standard, but in Hong Kong this is often sadly missed out.  We want to change that!


We are offering 30 minute consultations and developmental checks for babies and toddlers up from 0 to 2 years old. This will include:
  • Baby weighing, with length and head circumference measurement.
  • Feet, spine and hip checks
  • Speech, hearing and vision checks where necessary
  • Assessment of developmental milestones
  • Advice on growth, posture and handling



  • Tuesday 27th January 10.00 -12.00pm
  • Tuesday 24th February 10.00 -12.00pm
  • Tuesday 24th March 10.00 -12.00pm

PRICE: 650 HKD per 30 minute consultation

It is very important to have a developmental check in the first 6 months of life and once again when the child is slightly older. Very often, parents have questions about their child’s growth development and posture and I will be on hand to answer them all, no matter how big or small!  From toes that turn out, to knees that turn in, heads that are flat and tummy buttons that stick out, crazy crawlers and reluctant walkers, I will be there to help answer, advise and reassure you.  If baby needs some help, early intervention is always the key!

If you are interested in finding out more about this Baby Development Clinic or to book a consultation with me  please email

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