“Movement and Mayhem” – A Free Talk on Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Selectrico your baby is finally there. They can creep, they can crawl, they can shuffle on their bottom so now you really need eyes in the back of your head. Baby is on the move! Moving babies are great fun, but we do need to be extra vigilant once they can move, walk and toddle. They are naturally curious and want to explore the world, but how do we let them do this safely?

Come and listen to Helen talking about this important phase in your baby’s life. How can you stimulate your baby and yet be mindful at this stage of their development and also be aware of their posture as they set off on their feet? Apart from the important safety angle, Helen will also cover topics such as correct footwear, baby walkers, carriers and pushchairs.

This FREE talk to start at 10 am with plenty of time of question and answers. It will take place at Tiny Footprints on Duddell Street in Central. Places are limited, so please sign up to at Tiny Footprints to reserve your spot. Look forward to seeing you there.

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